Chippewa Valley
Sustainable Future Festival

Forest St. Community Gardens
Sat. Sept. 17th, 2016

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We have an exciting lineup of presenters and workshops at this year's festival - Take a look and plan to come to the Forest St. Pavilion on Saturday the 17th! Stay for some tasty treats prepared sustainably for you by Chef Louis!

Tent A - (Hourly 40 minute presentation - 10 min Q&A)
1:00p.m. Powered by the Sun - Zeus Stark, Hickory Tate, Next Step Energy
Next Step Energy will explore site considerations in Photovoltaic systems. Topics include equipment, electrical upgrades, roof types, orientations, and pitches as well as planning for ground-mounted systems.

2:00p.m. Sustainable Eau Claire - Steve/Crispin/Jim
Members of the Eau Claire Advisory Commission on Sustainability will discuss their work and vision for a more sustainable Eau Claire. The commission works in collaboration with the city and private individuals to cultivate an ecologically minded and resilient community.
3:00p.m. Harvesting and Drying Herbs - Erin LaFaive, Horticulture Educator UW-Extension, Eau Claire County
Learn when to harvest herbs and low-cost drying techniques for ten herbs.
4:00p.m. Affordable Solar - Ellen and Steve Terwilliger
The Solar Power Hour Talk describes how solar energy works and explains how Chippewa Valley Solar Group Buy process works to allow homeowners and business to join the solar revolution.
5:00p.m. Herbalists Without Borders - Michelle Balas, Eau Claire, WI
There is no secret to good health. Unfortunately our culture often discourages us from listening to our inner wisdom about self care. I will try to help us remember this simple wisdom and talk about herbal allies, some already in our pantries and under our very feet, that can help maintain sustainable good health.
6:00p.m. Using Cover Crops In Your Garden - Eli Gottfried, Master Gardener
Use of cover crops and cover crop mixes are becoming more acceptable for the commercial grower. However, home gardeners still use traditional methods of seeding vegetables and using commercial soil nutrients and commercial amendments. This workshop is designed to introduce growers to alternate methods that are more sustainable and better for the environment.
7:00p.m. Share & Be Aware - Jeremy Gragert, Wisconsin Bicycle Federation
Presentation about urban bike riding safety tips and knowing your rights, called "Savvy City Cycling". I could alternative do a Traveling By Bicycle workshop that is more about bike tourism and bike traveling.
8:00p.m. Big Water Bike - Zach Chase and Kris McNeal
These two adventuresome cyclists are recorded their trip to produce a documentary about the Great Lakes Region to show the world just how beautiful the Great Lakes area is, and to give back to the unique communities that they will travel through on their quest.


Tent B - (30 minute presentation - 10 min Q&A)
1:00p.m. Compost Happens - Earthbound Environmental Solutions, LLC,
Earthbound will be sharing general organics recycling tips as well as helping community member understand how curbside organics recycling works. "Compost Happens" t-shirts will also be available for purchase as a fundraiser to benefit the organics recycling outreach program.
1:45p.m. Beekeeping - John Haack
Learn the joys and challenges of back yard bee keeping- things you should know before you order bees and equipment.
2:30p.m. Monitoring Airborne Particulate Aerosols Near Industrial Sand Mining Facilities - Ethan Fuhrman
Industrial Sand Mining has grown rapidly in western Wisconsin in recent years, and our independent research through UWEC helps fill the gap in data on PM pollution from ISM facilities.
3:15p.m. Natural Soap Making - Julie Beaton
Attendees of this workshop will learn to make natural soap and soap products. Demonstration tools that will be used include raw materials, photographs, and a finished product. Attendees will be given samples of products and will have an opportunity to purchase products.
4:00p.m. Vertical Agriculture: Taking Our Roots to the Skies
- Derek Dahlk
Vertical agriculture is rapidly becoming a feasible technological adaptation for growing in tough climates. Companies all over the world are developing innovative sustainable growing technologies and developments in lighting have greatly reduced costs associated with growing indoors.
4:45p.m. Rain Barrel Workshop - Judy Wibel
Making rain barrels out of recycled food grade barrels. The information could also include water conservation by use of a rain barrel and the many benefits of using a rain barrel.
5:30p.m. Carbon Pricing to Solve Climate Change
Jason Duba - Citizens' Climate Lobby
Citizens Climate Lobby exists to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power. It is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change.
6:15p.m. Eco-Crafts for Adults - Kate Beaton, Eau Claire, WI
Learn how to make "eco-crafts," projects that reuse materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. One example of an eco-craft might be plastic grocery bags crocheted into re-usable shopping bags.

Prairie Enthusiasts - Kathy Ruggles
"Prairie Enthusiasm: Protecting our Natural Heritage". This documentary short follows a few individuals from the organization "The Prairie Enthusiasts" in their path to learn, manage and protect remnant prairies and oak savannas in the mid-western United States.


"To increase knowledge about sustainability to the citizens
of the Chippewa Valley. Specifically, citizens will learn how to infuse sustainable practices into their lives,
basic tenets of sustainability, and learn how other groups
in the area are conducting sustainability activities."

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